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BATONS are 17.90 plus shipping. They are lightweight, and easy to use. Proper measurement for a Baton will be from the armpit to the end of the fingertips. Please indicate or email us the size of the baton.

Click below to Purchase a Baton

HOOP BATONS $27.90 plus shipping.

FLAG BATONS $36.90 plus shipping(includes flag for baton, ball and tip)

Click below to Purchase Single Flag Baton

DOUBLE FLAG BATON $42.60 plus shipping(includes double flags, tip, plastic ring, and clear plastic piece)

Click below to Purchase Double Flag Baton

LIGHT STICK Batons $29.90 each plus shipping. LIGHT STICKS are $2.75 each

Puffy Baton $24.00 each-Puffy Ends only $3.50

Baby Baton $4.50

Replacement Ends $2.25